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Supplements and Equipment

Suggested suppliers for nutritional supplements and/or equipment for naturopathic cleansing


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Aloe Vera Juice May be ordered from many health websites like Nutrigold click here
Barley Grass Powder Mixed with water to make a green drink. Contains a range of nutrients. (order from health websites: Bobby's Health shop, Goji KIng) click here
Castor oil Use for castor oil packing. Castor oil is generally found in many Indian groceries but may be purchased from websites such as Amazon, Ebay and health websites like Nutrigold click here
Castor oil packing equipment Use 3-4 layers of suitable sized unbleached cotton cloth or order from health website like Nutrigold click here
Cod Liver Oil Cod liver oil is a valuable source of omega 3 essential fatty acid and contains the fat soluble vitamins, A and D. Most cod liver oils have had the fat soluble vitamins taken out and put back in at adjusted levels. Some cod liver oils have had the natural fat soluble vitamins taken out and artificial vitamins added and should also be avoided. This unantural adjustment upsets the natural synergistic balance. Look for a a traditionally processed high strength cod liver oil like Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil click here
Enema equipment Use for colon cleansing. May be ordered from health websites like Nutrigold, Bobby's Health Shop or from Amazon, Ebay etc click here
Epsom Salt For Epsom salt baths it will be more economical to look for larger quantities. 25kg bags may be ordered from Ebay click here
Flaxseed Oil A source of omega 3 fatty acid. Widley available from many health websites like Nutrigold, Red23, Bobby's Health Shop click here
Himalayan Salt A natural unprocessed salt which contains a range of minerals. click here
Homocysteine Support Formula This support formula helps to lower homocysteine levels. If homocycteine is allowed to build within the body it cause irritation and inflammation click here
Lecithin Lecithin aids fat digestion click here
Lugols Iodine supplementation (order from Bobby's health shop, Nuticentre) click here
Magnesium citrate Oral Magnesium supplements click here
Organic coffee for coffee enemas Use organic filter coffee found in most supermarkets click here
Supamag Plus B vitamin and mineral complex which complements magnesium supplementation (from Nutrigold) click here
Transransdermal Magnesium Transdermal application is a quick way of supplementing magnesium. Tansdermal magnesium is sprayed and rubbed directly onto the skin 

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Vitamin D3 drops Vitamin D3 Drops by Natures Answer. Order from Red23 click here
Zinc citrate Zinc supplementation from Nutrigold click here